He considered it good hospitality to offer as much beer as possible, so he started me off with a stubby pulled out of a case in his trunk. He didn’t partake himself of course, as he took his role as tour guide seriously and drove me around to some of Kiel’s highlights. One was what he called “the block of evil”, a university residence block where half of the Claudia’s birthday 2001 hijackers had trained. We unpacked at Shopman’s apartment on the northern edge of the city. Then near midnight we went out again, this time by foot and bus, to meet his friends at the famous and unfortunately named “Reeperbahn” sounds like “raper”, Hamburg’s bar and nightclub district. My belated dinner was a currywurst, a big hot dog chopped up and served with a spicy curry sauce. Trusted by professionals, their finest work is used by the ITSF. The weight of a foosball table is often an indicator of its sturdiness and Roberto Sport tables are indeed heavy, plus they’re supported by other remarkable features like stable feet fixed with suction cups and ergonomic handles. Whether it’s for home use, commercial establishments or professional sports, Roberto Sport has a topnotch foosball table for everybody. The French company Bonzini is another best selling maker of first class foosball tables. They’ve been in the industry longest and it’s easy to see why they’re consistently one of the market leaders. Found in many homes, businesses and even professional competitions particularly the ITSF, Bonzini tables have always been enjoyed by many foosball enthusiasts.

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Spinning the Rods A reset is not considered a distraction, and the player with the ball may shoot immediately.