This has a few different dimensions, too, and we can look at this through the hierarchy of needs lens. Most certainly the employees rely on Google to succeed so that they can still have jobs, to pay the rent and buy food. But at Google, employees are also there specifically because of the company culture, and the opportunities that they might have there. Many employees see Google as an employer of choice, and so for them the stakes are a bit…… Diversity for the Benefit of BusinessAs Harper 2017 notes, diversity is an increasingly important aspect of business strategy for many companies: it represents the desire by corporations to demonstrate greater corporate social responsibility and tie diversity promotion in with business success. Google, whose motto is “Do no evil,” has long attempted to promote diversity in its workplace—but the tech company’s success in promoting diversity for the benefit of business has not succeeded very well and the company is now facing a number of law suits from workers who claim they have been targeted, harassed and fired for having a minority viewpoint. Case in point is James Damore, a white male with conservative views who questioned Google’s liberal bias Nocera, 2018. The issue at Google is somewhat complex: Damore has alleged that Google discriminates against white conservative males; former Google developer Tim Chevalier has alleged that he was let go from…… Intrapreneurship is the act of creating a business in an established company. Typically, the intrapreneur is an employee who has an idea, but instead of leaving the company to pursue that opportunity, instead leverages company resources in order to create the opportunity within the company. This differs from a more traditional work model where the employee would create something and the company would be the sole beneficiary; with the intrapreneurship model the company would set up a means by which the company and the intrapreneur split the proceeds of the endeavor. While entrepreneur and intrapreneur share similar traits with respect to ability to innovate and develop an idea from start to finish, they differ in their ability to handle risk, and may differ in terms of the project, where the intrapreneur's idea is too big to execute properly without corporate resources Newlands, 2015. Employees at Google have famously received incentive…… ReferencesMindTools. An intentional reset by the team in possession of the ball for the purposes of attempting to get a reset call from the official shall not be allowed.

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